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Sizes Available

  • 12′ Wide
  • 14′ Wide


  • Large office space
  • Laundry
  • Lockers
  • One (1) bathroom
  • Kitchen


Our command centers are an all in one unit for your personnel.

The command centers include a large front office with space for a conference table. They also have a large kitchen with an observation window and desk area. The command centers are equipped with a full laundry facility and multiple machines and lockers.

Option to attach to an Accommodation Unit, usually a Double Ender. Double Enders available in;

  • 12 and 14’ wide
  • Lengths 18’, 20’, 24,’ 32’
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with kitchen and living area.

Contact EnerStar for more details.

EnerStar Site Setup

Enerstar provides rentals and sales of modern, fully equipped, mobile office trailers and crew house accommodation solutions. Our rentals include a delivery and setup package.

Offering clients the quality they desire, service they expect, comfort they deserve.

Winch trucks and trailers for delivery

EnerStar offers logistics and we can arrange all your logistics needs from loading, permits, pilot vehicles winch trucks, stretch trailers and Bed trucks when needed for those tight locations.

Technicians, Roustabouts, Electricians, HVAC Mechanics

Enerstar maintains the highest safety standards for our Field Technicians, Roustabouts, Electricians and HVAC mechanics. We can safely and efficiently set up your remote locations.