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Flameless Heaters

Unit Features

  • Flameless
  • 550K BTU
  • 750K BTU


Flameless heater can be placed directly in the area you are working because no flames are being released. Our heaters have become the top choice for heating in the oilfield due to the safety, reliability, simple design and durability of our unique portable flameless heaters.

Flameless heaters operating in industries such as construction industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, agricultural industry, energy industry, and the aviation industry. Flameless heaters have been tested and proven to be the safest, most reliable heater on the market today.

Hydronic Surface Heater (Glycol Heaters)

Unit Features

  • With 3,000 ft. of hose and a hydraulic hose system, the E3000 allows for single person set-up and placement, for greater flexibility on all applications.
  • Positive displacement pump provides maximum flow and consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing. One pump per hose loop means delivery of maximum Btu’s per hour.
  • Digital temperature controller with push button adjustment allows operators to easily adjust Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) output temperature for all concrete curing applications.
  • Performance monitoring strobe light indicates from a distance that all systems are operating properly.
  • The 6 kW generator features a standard 1,000 hour service interval and delivers up to 81 hours of continuous run time. The genset top opens completely, providing easy access to the oil filter, Kohler engine and other components.


Engineered for reliable performance and trouble-free starts for up to 140 hours of run time, the E3000 will provide maximum flow and ensure consistent heat delivery for thawing and curing applications. The E3000 thaws or cures up to 6,000 sq. ft. With accessories this heater will cure up to 18,000 sq. ft. or provide 535,000 cu. ft. of dry heat at 83% efficiency, the highest in the industry.

Forced Air Heaters

Unit Features

  • Maxi Heat MH 500 iQ 1 M BTU
  • 3,200 Heated Air Output (cfm)
  • 30.2 Operating Time (hrs)
  • 175 (662.4) Fuel Capacity (gal)
  • 9 Generator Frequency (Hz)

Combination 2″ Bulldog Coupler, 3″ Lunette Ring for Pintle Hitch
16″ or Dual 12″ Duct Flange Outlets

iQ System
Automatically calibrates burner for temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Provides damper setting on color display and information on efficiency, target, and actual outlet temperatures.

Twin Heater Units
Twin heater units, producing a maximum of 1,000,000 combined BTUs, may be operated independently depending on heating requirements. Standard 16 inch heater outlet flanges and optional flexible ducting provide a wide variety of heat distribution options.

Operate Single Burner Ability
Operates single burner at 515,000 BTUs

Flange Outlets
16″ or dual 12″ duct flange outlets

Reversible Coupler
Adjustable height 2″ BulldogĀ® and 3″ pintle

Fluid Containment System (FCS)
Now equipped with a Fluid Containment System and double-wall single-cell metal fuel tank that holds up to 110% of all on-board fluids, the MH500iQ is ready for the harshest of conditions.