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Mobile Water & Sewer Treatment

EnerStar HydroHUT & RecyclerHUT provide safe, efficient, cost effective water and wastewater solutions for any location. Reduce cost, truck traffic and safety issues while gaining better quality water with our water and waste treatment trailers!

Simple Operation

  • Remote 24/7 monitoring with on-site wired or wireless connection
  • Fully automated operation
  • Simple start up and shut down
  • Includes connections required for a multi-housing install
  • Electric Power – 220V, 1PH, 60HZ, 100A
  • Single point plug connection


Water Treatment


  • Ability to clean and process well water or non-potable delivered water
  • Provides up to 6,000 GPD potable water
  • Built-in drinking water fill station and chilled bottled water fill station
  • Up to 500 pounds of ice per day produced and dispensed from trailer
  • Eliminates need to haul in portable water, bottled water or ice
  • Worry-free installation, monitoring, maintenance, and reporting

Water Supply

  • We perform raw water testing to determine ability to process water and treated water sampling and monitoring
  • We supply all pumps and line required to connect holding tank to Water Trailer


  • Processes inlet water TDS up to 10,000 ppm and iron levels to 5 ppm
  • Delivered water exceeds portable water standards
  • Added chlorine maintains potable water levels
  • Ice produced from drinking water supply

Reject Water

  • We provide piping to customer provided storage location
  • Customer can reuse water for downhole activities, or dust suppression

Pressurized Delivery

  • Automatic pressurized delivery to multiple points
  • Monitoring line integrity
  • Secured connection points

Self Contained

  • Custom high capacity 20ft trailer
  • Single electrical connection
  • Single source water connection


Waste Water Treatment


  • Reclaims up to 3,000 GPD from process
  • Eliminates haul-out or on-site storage of raw sewage
  • Reduces or eliminates doors from septic water storage

Reclaim Water

  • We provide piping to customer-provided storage location
  • Customer can reuse water for downhole activities, irrigation or dust suppression
  • Discharged water meets regulatory standards for beneficial reclaim and is chlorinated

Collection and Transfer

  • Includes lift stations for sewage collection
  • Includes all connections and single pressurized-line delivery
  • Secured connection points