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Sizes Available

5ply CLT Mats
  • 8′ x 16′
  • 8′ x 32′


  • Material – Douglas Fir timber with patented steel interlocks
  • 5 layers of Douglas Fir timber that are cross laminated to increase the strength and stiffness of the mat with steel interlocks which create the ability to transfer heavy loads and create a smooth safe work environment for the heaviest load applications
  • Faster – Safer – Stronger

Interlocking CLT Matting

Faster • Safer • Stronger

  • CLT Matting provides the high strength properties of an “Engineered Beam”
  • 7” of interlocked matting height provides 7x higher load capacity then 1 ¾ feet of double layered mats… plus much higher resistance to compression-deflection and shear forces
  • All our interlocking matting mob-demob quickly and safely with our OSHA approved certified “Lifting Harness“
  • No worker contact while Mats are in motion
  • Faster, safer laydown-pickup and loading-unloading trucks
  • Interlocking distributes high matting loads to adjacent mats keeping the matting pad in equilibrium with the underlying ground bearing support. This increases the load capacity of the matting pad significantly (up to 15x) higher than non-interlocked matting pads
  • Eliminates external Steel Frame issues plus is more compatible with steel crawler tracks
  • Easily cleaning as CLT is one solid smooth mat providing a safe working surface… plus when matting pads are interlocked, they tend to stay much cleaner and on top of sites with inconsistent wet, low ground bearing pressure soils-substates

CLT Matting


Cross Laminated Timber is laminated engineered wood beam referred to as “Mass Timber” or “Engineered Wood”. CLT mats are comprised of multi-layers of timbers with each layer oriented perpendicular to the adjacent layer(s)… Glue is applied between each layer and all layers are compressed in a press for 1 hour to form a single engineered beam (mat).

The benefits of CLT Beams (mats):

  • Exceptional Strength properties
  • Superior Rigidity-Deflection-Compression-Shear resistance in all 3 planes
  • Design Flexibility for all matting applications
  • Environmentally Friendly and Lightweight
  • Can be used as an alternative to concrete, masonry, and steel
  • CLT Mats are manufactured in a rigid quality controlled process for consistent, predictable, high performance
  • Cost Effective plus ground insulation and plant protection
EnerStar Site Setup

EnerStar provides an ideal solution to any industry worksite with professionals to deliver and laydown your mats as efficiently as possible so you can start your job without delays.

Delivery Logistics

Use EnerStar Logistic Solutions to deliver your matting to your work site.

We are a specialized team of logistics professionals with over 50 years of industry expertise throughout North America. Whether it’s a one load project or a one thousand load project, our team will get the job done on time, on budget and as safely and efficiently as possible. We pride ourselves on planning, communicating and performing to the highest standards. If it can be done, we will get it done.

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Loader & Telehandler Rental

We have third party rental services for power equipment needed for setup of your matting. We supply high quality equipment that are manufactured and certified to uphold the highest standards.

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