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VSat Solutions

Satellite is the ultimate progression for network diversity. EnerStar Communications utilizes satellite connectivity in areas where our clients’ location is extremely remote or limited by nature.

In the field the need for reliable, accurate, and timely information is absolutely critical. It can make all the difference when it comes to identifying the most efficient use of resources for drilling seismic activities; as well as making advances in exploration and production technologies, pipeline monitoring, and more. The industry’s use of older satellite technologies had led to congestion or capacity issues and the speed of information flow was slow.

Utilizing the latest service offerings available, EnerStar Communications delivers fast and reliable internet access, so remote teams maximize their output, even under the most difficult conditions.


  • Ultra High-Availability VSAT provides the bandwidth that businesses, government agencies, energy companies and public utilities demand and deserve, while maintaining the high-availability expected from a business-grade service.
  • Provides reliable, high availability Broadband connection to any remote location
  • Connectivity maintained during rainy conditions at the remote site
  • Connectivity not affected by backhaul outage or hub related disasters.

Installation Service

Our team of experienced technicians can provide you with customized and hands-on telecom installation service. When you need to get your site up and running, our team will install the equipment and complete the cabling. We understand time is of the essence and our trained technicians will meet your operational deadlines.

Service Packages

EnerStar Communications has bundled services to meet customer requirements. The service bundles can be modified to meet specific customer needs. Instead of piecing together your own solution, our team can provide you with a solution that is always current, operational, and maintained to meet industry demands.

Commissioning Service

When you need to troubleshoot and mitigate network outages, our team has the experience to get your system operational and into production.

Project Management

EnerStar Communications offers PMP-certified project management service. The service is available on a contract basis or as part of the turnkey deployment service.

Turnkey Deployment

EnerStar Communications can combine all facets of your network build. We can engineer the solution, provide project management to co-ordinate vendors and services, install the hardware and cabling, integrate software as needed, and commission as well as validate the network. We work with you to create the solution you require for your specific site.