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Smart Camp Systems

EnerStar strives to find new ways to innovate our industry. With the implementation of our remote communications, we have discovered new ways of transmitting on-site data with the ability to grant you access to details about camp operations that are unparalleled in the industry.

Our systems work under the umbrella of IoT technologies. IoT or “The Internet of Things” is a system of operations that is the culmination of sensors linking to an interface that gives a deeper level of connectivity to the production of industry. Whether it’s the levels in a tank or the temperature of the factory floor, almost anything can be monitored using IoT technologies.


The Smart Camp system monitors your sewage and water, generators, wind speeds, gas detectors, and virtually anything else you require for monitoring. With a deeper level of control for your devices, you can maximize employee worktime, guarantee reliable reporting, and increase overall efficiency of your operations, which leads to higher annual earnings year over year.

Smart WAN Selection (SWANS) and Dual SIM

Smart WAN Selection (SWANS) and Dual SIM Management is a granular approach to configure specific criteria that dynamically determine which of the available WAN interfaces is connected. Smart WAN Selection enables the itemization of when and how the router will switch to an alternate WAN (SIM) interface.

Example of a Smart Camp

Set up in the Company Man 2

Primary Focus: Water/sewer levels and temperatures, generator – voltage / HZ / performance, GFCIs

Potencial Focus: All of the above, wind monitoring, gas detection, smoke alarms, satellite fuel
 tanks, panel box