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Medicine Hat, AB [August 17, 2023] — EnerStar Solutions, a leading Starlink technology and communications provider, has demonstrated its unwavering commitment to communities in crisis by swiftly deploying essential Starlink satellite services to Fort Smith, NWT. The wildfires that have swept through the Southern Fort Smith Region have disrupted lives and essential services, necessitating urgent evacuation orders to ensure the safety of residents in the community. Additionally, EnerStar Solutions has extended its support to Yellowknife and other areas in the Northwest Territories battling wildfires and evacuations.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation and the importance of staying connected, EnerStar Solutions has deployed Starlink satellite services to the affected community. Starlink, a revolutionary satellite internet constellation, offers high-speed internet connectivity to remote and disaster-stricken areas where traditional communication infrastructure may be compromised. EnerStar Solutions customers receive prioritized data which offers faster, and more consistent speeds when compared to standard Starlink users, ensuring a superior online experience even during peak usage times. These cutting-edge services will ensure that residents, emergency responders, and local authorities maintain reliable communication, access critical information, and coordinate their efforts effectively.

“Our hearts go out to the residents of Fort Smith and the rest of the Northwest Territories who are grappling with the devastating impact of the wildfires,” said Rob Grandfield, Director of Canadian Operations at EnerStar Solutions. “We understand the critical role that communication plays during such emergencies. By deploying Starlink services, we aim to provide the community with a reliable means of staying connected, accessing vital resources, and facilitating aid efforts.”

EnerStar Solutions’ assistance extends beyond Fort Smith. The company is actively engaged in supporting Yellowknife and other areas facing wildfire challenges across the Northwest Territories. By leveraging the capabilities of Starlink, EnerStar Solutions aims to bolster communication networks, provide access to critical resources, and contribute to emergency relief efforts.

The company is working closely with local authorities and emergency management teams to ensure seamless deployment and utilization of the Starlink services. The connectivity provided by EnerStar Solutions will aid in real-time information communication, coordination of relief efforts, and support for those affected by the wildfires.


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