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enerstar starlink

EnerStar Solutions is proud to partner with Starlink as one of the few authorized resellers across the globe to bring your business the most reliable and efficient high-speed broadband internet powered by the newest Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite. With EnerStar Solutions, we help you to connect from the most remote locations on the globe to ensure efficiency and productivity.


40-220+ Mbps Download
8-25+ Mbps Upload
20-60 ms Latency


Connection even in
the most remote locations
across the globe


Improve business continuity
and flexibility to respond to a
variety of difficulties


Connectivity for businesses

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In-motion connectivity on land

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Connectivity on the water

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Higher Speed, Low Latency

With network priority, users can expect download speeds of up to 220 Mbps, upload up to 25 Mbps,and latency of 25-50 ms, enabling high throughput connectivity for remote business locations across the globe.

Higher reliability
for high demand users

With a higher gain antenna, additional throughput allocation,
and better extreme weather performance, businesses can ensure bandwidth for
critical operations 24/7.

Unlimited Service Locations

Starlink is ideal for rural and remote locations. Our StarLink units provides fast, reliable communications so you can be sure your business stays connected anytime, anywhere.

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Starlink Business

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