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Williamsport, PA: EnerStar Solutions is pleased to announce it has reached an agreement with SpaceX’s Starlink to add the broadband service to its integrated solutions.

Bill Blair, VP of US Operations and Business Development stated, “EnerStar’s Communications division has had the formidable task of providing communications services to remote energy industry sites for the past decade. Starlink provides a singular solution that addresses our clients’ needs for high-throughput speeds and low-latency for ‘real time’ drilling requirements, as well as ongoing communication requirements of all on-site personnel for business, personal and safety purposes.”

EnerStar Solutions will utilize the full suite of Starlink’s land-based enterprise products. This includes an M2M data plan and custom tailored for IoT based production information to full-blown enterprise scale plans to service large drilling sites and associated accommodation camps.

To complement this high-speed, low-latency connection, EnerStar Communications provides the highest level of support for remote and on-site network configuration and growth. Leonard Bleile (P. Eng.), EnerStar Communications’ Director of Product Development and Network Design, stated, “Creating a best-in-class internet service experience entails the combination of a high-data delivery product such as Starlink, with an adaptable and comprehensive backend infrastructure that is reflective of industry specific needs. EnerStar’s state-of-the-art cloud connectivity and on-site network is designed to maximize Starlink’s user experience. EnerStar provides a long list of complementary communications products including camera systems, tank monitoring systems, intercoms, IoT devices, and many other products.”

Included in Starlink’s enterprise products are associated data plans that feature prioritized data at times of network congestion. In addition, the advanced products can be used while on the go and can be deployed throughout North America. Currently, Starlink’s enterprise products are approved in the U.S., but approvals for deployment in Canada are expected soon.

President of EnerStar James van der Sloot stated, “This is an extraordinary opportunity for EnerStar, and the runway of industry opportunities in energy, mining, civil, film, and infrastructure will provide ongoing demand for many years to come.“

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EnerStar Solutions is an independent provider of remote site industrial requirements including accommodations, communications, power, lighting, and more. The company’s key areas of operation included the Permian, Delaware, Marcellus, Utica, Bakken, Anadarko Woodford, Niobrara, Barnett, and DJ Basin areas. For more information, please visit

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