01. Quality

Our accommodations units are built for both severe winter and hot summer conditions and to the highest specifications available. We have the sturdiest structural design on the market. Our units are so nice your workers won’t want to go home.


02. Service

We guarantee maximum comfort and convenience for our customers with minimum call-out issues. Our service and maintenance depots are strategically located throughout the states that our clients are in to provide easy access for service calls.


03. Comfort

We understand the importance of creating a home for employees that ensures a content and productive workforce. We utilize the highest level of technology to ensure our customers have all the comforts of and services of home.

Our high-quality Remote accommodation and office units are manufactured and certified to uphold state standards. With the highest levels of environmental efficiency for all our products, you can rely on our superior quality to get you through the hottest summers and cold harsh winters. Help us make your next remote accommodation camp a home away from home.

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