01. Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions such as pipeline crossing, load distribution analysis and shear and bending calculations.

Load distribution analysis may determine other ground bearing pressure upgrades minimizing groundwork costs.


02. Functionality

  • Distribution of working load pressures exerted on matting
  • Interlocking matting reduces the sub-matting pressure to match or be lower then the ground bearing pressure
  • Shear and bending checks included as well

03. Safety

  • Safest and quickest OSHA Compliant matting install solution in the industry.
  • EnerStar will analyze your equipment loads versus your ground support pressure and engineer your matting solutions to ensure successful projects.
  • EnerStar’s Lock ’n Load matting interlocks to provide a smooth safe working surface.

Enerstar offers high-quality access, rig mats and crane mats to handle any industry application. Our mats are providing stable ground cover even in the most extreme ground support conditions. EnerStar provides turnkey logistics, laydown and pick up services to ensure your project proceeds without delays.

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