Quality of Life

01. Sanitary

We ensure our equipment does not get cross contamination. Our systems offer high quality drinking water at the tap; safe for showers and cooking. You can rest assured your health and safety is a top priority.

Reduce Costs

02. Efficient

Enerstar provides water and sewer hauling services for your routine and emergency hauling needs. Our water services eliminate:

  • delivery of ice
  • bottled water
  • has ability to reuse treated wastewater for downhole use
Products you need

03. Convenient

Enerstar provides multiple products from:

  • portable toilets
  • emergency safety showers stations
  • septic services
  • enclosed SuperVacs for quick cleanups

Your worksite may be in a remote location and it’s important that everyone’s basic necessities are covered. We supply high quality options for your water and sewer needs. Our systems have huge cost and time benefits to producers. Onsite water and sewer reduces truck traffic, having less impact on roadways and reduces operational risks. Ask EnerStar can increase the quality of life on your worksite.

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